The Most Important Games of July 28th

There are 25 games taking place on Sunday, including over half the league playing doubleheaders, so let’s take a look at the six most crucial games happening that day. 

#1 Seeds: 

Muddy Waters (7-1) vs. KTC (7-0) 

Muddy’s loss to JDE takes a bit of the shine off this Championship rematch, but it’s still the premier game of the day.  The big question is will Muddy have Isaac available and healthy to try and shut down the KTC bunt game? If he’s good to go this should be a classic, but if not KTC ought to roll again.  One item to note, this will be KTC’s second game of the afternoon, but they have tremendous athletes and depth so it shouldn’t effect them too much. 

#2 Seeds:

Lawrence Shirt Factory (6-1) vs. Hurtz Donut D-Holes (5-3)

When LSF factory surprisingly dropped into the #2’s they immediately became the heavy favorite to not only win the division, but to go 5-0 in dominant fashion.  While they haven’t done anything to dispel this thought, Red Legs are one (assumed) win over RC Mats away from awaiting them at 4-0 in Week 10 and are clearly firing on all cylinders.  Shirt Factory has a double header this week against Johnny’s and D-Holes, and while D-Holes have never beat Shirt Factory, this could be their best shot as they only have to play one game on Sunday.  Not saying it’s gonna happen, but it could be interesting.  

#3 Seeds:

Reboot XXX (3-4) vs. Rats (6-2)

The Rats have a chance to sneak into a top 10 seed if they keep winning, and the only two games left on their schedule are against sub .500 teams.  Reboot is on a three game losing streak, but their early season performances show just how well they can play when they’re on, so this should be the biggest test left for the Rats.  If they hold serve and finish at 8-2 the committee will have a hard time keeping them out of the top 10, which would be the high water mark for this franchise.  Congrats Rats, you’ve arrived! 

#4 Seeds

Free State Growlers (5-2) vs. Ladybird Harpies (5-3) 

These two have been on a collision course ever since they both dropped to the #4’s, and so long as Free State takes care of business against the Soda Jerks in their first game on Sunday this game will decide the champ of the division.  Ladybird has never beaten Free State, but they’ve only played once or twice since Ladybird dropped their average player age by about a decade.  This will be some high quality kickball, looking forward to it! 

#5 Seeds

Misfit Toys (4-4) vs. 23rd Street Brewery (2-5) 

23rd Street is the only team that can keep Misfit from at least winning a share of the #5’s, so this GOTW has plenty on the line.  Misfit has been rolling in the #5’s, beating teams by an average of 10 runs/game, so they’re the heavy favorite coming in, but as we’ve seen before — anything can happen under the lights. 

23rd Street might be the first team in KVKL history to get two Hobbs games in one night, playing at 5:00 and then needing to stay loose/sober until 9:30, not the easiest thing for a brewery sponsored team to do — good luck!  

#6 Seeds

Reading Rockets (2-5) vs. Jayhawker CrossFit (1-7)

Rockets has a chance to put up an untouchable KVKL record this Sunday — Most runs scored in a single day.  They play the Eels in their first matchup, who are giving up an average of 17 runs/game, followed up by CrossFit who allow 30 runs/game.  While many teams have scored 40+, there’s a real possibility here that the Rockets score 50 or 60 runs this weekend, as they are the class of the division and are playing two of the softest defenses in the league.  Y’all better hydrate and stretch, that’s a lot of circling the base paths. 

The Search for the “Perfect Pitch”

The Search for the “Perfect Pitch”

I know there’s a lot to discuss, but today I want to write about male entitlement in KVKL.

Specifically, I’m going to look at one dynamic that I have questions about. I’ve got concerns. The issue is women pitching to entitled male kickers. It’s not an issue with everyone and it’s not every time. I know there are enough times when male kickers act like jerks to male pitchers (Trust me, that argument doesn’t diminish my point; those kickers are still entitled jerks). And I can accept and tolerate a certain level of tension – no one’s perfect and sports wouldn’t be fun if we all were.

I also know that many female and femme pitchers may not agree with me. Maybe this isn’t their experience. I know that pitchers and kickers of all genders can be jerks. These are all things we should ask more questions about and be concerned with. But overall, I think we need to do better holding others (our male teammates, our friends, our partners) and ourselves accountable. Most of us could be more kind and forgiving in a lot of situations. I speak from ample experience.

But today I just want to say a few things about thisdynamic, this particular match-up:  women pitchers and male kickers. Here’s a few thoughts that I’ve have had over the last couple of years:

  • Do your best to throw the ball back to the pitcher. Or give the ball to the catcher (when they are looking at you and ready). Don’t put on a show if you don’t like the pitch. Literally treat the pitcher – regardless of their gender – like a human being. Sports, even rec sports, are competitive, but that doesn’t mean you get to be de-humanizing or disrespectful. Think about the message it sends to a person if you don’t even think they deserve the bare minimum. Grow up.
  • Talk to the pitcher if you actually have a valid concern – before the game, after the game, in between innings, etc. Find a calm or private space to do it. Most of us are nice people, and I can’t speak for others, but if you come and talk to me kindly and rationally, I will probably be fine talking to you. I am open to learning, looking at things from different perspectives, and meeting new people. Please don’t say passive aggressive, intimidating, or sarcastic comments, or simply be a jerk to the pitcher, if you don’t like a pitch or pitches. And if you mess up, if you say something because you are upset and emotions run understandably high … What if you apologized? What would our league look like if we apologized more?
  • Read the rulebook. Learn the rules of pitching and kicking. Everyone. Not just captains. What you might find out is that there is nothing in the rulebook that says a pitcher can’t use speed (within reason) or spin, as long as the ball doesn’t bounce and it comes by home plate. What you might come to realize is that kickers in KVKL have the advantage overall. There are no automatic balls and strikes and I have not seen an umpire ask a kicker to hurry up and kick. Our rules say:

Referees should use their discretion to make sure that every kicker gets the chance to kick a ball of their liking, but if a kicker is letting kickable pitches go by, strikes should be called.”

How many times has an umpire actually started calling strikes on a picky male kicker? I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but I am noticing that I’ve never seen it. I have only experienced male umpires telling me to give the kicker exactlywhat they want everypitch, even though that is not the rule. Some pitchers aren’t going to care about spin or speed or moving the ball around, but some might want to try. My main questions are: Are there different expectations for female pitchers?Do some men – consciously or subconsciously – want or expect female pitchers to not try?

  • Here’s another thought. Think about a pitch with spin on it. Then think about trying to cleanly field a ball that has weird spin or came off the foot of the kicker in an abnormal way. I’m no physicist, but I think spin could actually benefit the kicker sometimes. I think a faster pitch benefits a power kicker, too. Secure and experienced kickers understand these things; insecure and entitled kickers throw fits. I think we need to be more okay with a league in which pitchers have the option to change speeds or the direction of their pitches if they want to (of course within reason, like the rulebook says). The kickers already have the advantage in KVKL.


This issue comes up across the skill level of the teams and players. Sure, super competitive players and teams can have their own problematic dynamics, especially when it comes to gender and masculinity. But I play for a team that consistently finishes in the middle of the pack. We play teams who win most of their games and we play teams who struggle to win any games each year. I have found that it doesn’t really matter; there are people – almost exclusively men – on almostevery team who get upset if I try and be artistic, skillful, or competitive when pitching.

Again, it’s certainly not everyone. But what I say today is… Ask yourself if you are one of those guys. If you aren’t, how many of those guys do you know? How many are on your team? If you are calling them out already, thank you. I know it’s hard to stand up to people and hold them accountable, especially people who are our friends and teammates. What history and the present teach us is that when there are gray areas, people with more societal power and privilege often go un-checked. They assert their dominance in sometimes subtle or sometimes overt ways. KVKL is not exceptional.

But ultimately, we all have work to do and I’m not trying to shame anyone. I know that I can do more to control my reactions, to not get upset or to move on more quickly if I get upset. There are many people I should apologize to and I haven’t. But this I know: Sexism in KVKL happens and will continue to happen. Racism happens. A variety of forms of gender and racial discrimination happen. Discrimination is complicated and often it’s hard to “prove,” (and there are also plenty of people who want to deny or minimize that these dynamics happen in Lawrence, in our rec kickball league). These could be very personal and difficult experiences and patterns that people have learned to resist, to tolerate, or to put aside for the sake of being part of an imperfect, recreational community. It’s also true that people don’t come to this league without a lifetime of experiences and trauma and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Let’s try and remember that more often.

Finally, thanks for your time in reading this, what ultimately is one person’s perspective. It’s complicated and it doesn’t cover the really important issues involving gender (such as problematic league culture around the gender binary; discrimination again trans, genderqueer, and non-binary athletes; and why there are still only three ”women” required for each team… still… in 2019; and more!), but I just wanted to ask some questions and I want more conversation. Are we a community that can tolerate and even celebrate conversation? I think the league can be competitive and caring,but it’s going to take work and the actual desire to make that happen.

 Sure, fellas, you get the chance the kick a ball to your liking, but do you really deserve a perfect pitch every time?


— Missy Foree

KVKL Week 7 Picks

KVKL Week 7 Preview 

Liberty Hall Late Fees > Reading Rockets
Bunt N Grind > 23rd Street Brewery 

Drop Stoppers > Soda Jerks
AsteroidHEAD > Ghosts 

Muddy Waters > Love Garden Squids
Pawsh Wash > Corksuckers 

Misfit Toys > Kicking Assets
D-Holes > Johnny’s 

Black Stag > John Denver Experience
Chalmersiz > Rats 

Lawrence Shirt Factory > River City Matadores
Red Lyon > Reboot XXX

Free State > Sacred Sword 

Red Legs > Goesers Good Neighbors
Nick Lerner’s MaHomies > Jayhawker CrossFit 

Ladybird Harpies > Woost
JSC’s Electrikick Eels > Empire Kicks Back 

2019 Rank Play Preview

2019 Rank Play Preview


1.Kansas Tree Care
I feel like we don’t really talk about KTC that much anymore, but what else is there to say? Elite athletes and elite kickball IQ are the reason they are the odds on favorite for a repeat title.  Will they be the first team to go undefeated in the #1’s since we switched to the 5&5 format in 2016?

2. Muddy Waters
Muddy has arrived. Back in the #1’s for the first time since 2016, they are a top 3 team in KVKL at this point and one of the main threats to steal the crown from KTC.  GOTW against Jazzhaus this weekend should be a great opportunity for them to showcase their talent in front of the entire league — championship or bust for this squad.  

3. Black Stag
Wildman/Jackpot/Black Stag has finished 9-1 for three consecutive seasons, and are the most recent team to beat KTC so obviously they are a threat to win it all. Speed, power, experience, leadership — this team has all the attributes needed for another title run.

4. Jazzhaus
Rick called me out for never picking his team, so here ya go McNeely — prove me right! Athleticism and youthful exuberance are the calling cards of this team, but they are learning how to play elite kickball very quickly and beating LSF and Red Lyon back-to-back put the rest of the top teams on notice that these youngsters are here to stay.  Even if they go 0-5 here, the experience of playing all these top teams will prove invaluable come tourney time. Can’t wait for this GOTW!

5. Love Garden Squids
I’m not sure what to make of the Squids. They narrowly beat AsteroidHEAD in week one, and followed that up by beating – but not impressing – against Goeser’s and ReBoot, before demolishing MaHomies and the Soda Jerks.  Are they rounding into form, or just feasting on a weak schedule heading into rank play? They get have a chance to get off to a good start and secure a top 5 tournament seed by beating JDE this weekend, but I must say I’m not sold on their championship ability just yet. 

6. John Denver Experience
They’ve been a #2 every year since we switched to 5&5, so this will be a new challenge for JDE.  They’re a solid defensive team, but I’m not sure if the offense is there to consistently score runs on the top 5 teams in the league.  They do have great walkup music though! 


1. Lawrence Shirt Factory
The streak of finishing in the #1’s dates back longer than Bill Self’s consecutive Big XII title run, but all things come to and end. (I’m just guessing on this, the website only goes back to 2012, but I feel pretty confident it’s right)
I truly never thought I would see that day that LSF dropped to the #2’s, but they’ve lost a considerable amount of talent over the past couple years and it’s hard to replace veteran players and expect to maintain excellence. That being said, they’re clearly the class of the #2’s, and nobody is gonna be excited to see them in the playoffs.

2.Hurtz Donut D-Holes 
Consistently consistent, the D-Holes swept the #2’s last year so I gotta put some respect on them.  I would’ve had them winning the #2’s again, but Lawrence Shirt Factory dropped, so here they are.  The week 10 matchup against Goesers should decide second place in this division. 

3. Goeser’s Good Neighbors
Bryson is gonna bitch and moan, but you can’t count on this team to field it’s A-lineup week in and week out, so they get dropped to third place. 

Goeser’s has the top tier talent to hang with anyone, and last week they showed some big time heart.  Down four in the bottom of the 9th to ReBoot they battled back before finally prevailing in extra innings, while dealing with a TREMENDOUS amount of shit talking from ReBoot.  Here’s the thing ReBoot, you can talk all game long about Bryson’s gloves and whatnot, but when he hits a walkoff you gotta respect it, not call him a bitch and try and fight after the game.  

4. Johnny’s Tavern
Johnny’s had the biggest win in franchise history last week, taking down Chalmersiz to get into the #2’s, and now they’re gonna make some noise.  The defense is very solid (held Chalmersiz to one run, Free State to two), so if the offense shows up in any kinda way they should win at least a couple games. 

5. Red Legs 
Red Legs is always in the #2’s, but their finishes have actually gotten worse every year, bottoming out at 0-5 last year. They’re gonna win at least a game this year, and likely more, but I don’t think they’ll crack the top 3.  Prove me wrong James and Shane! 

6. Los Matadores
Los Mats lucked out being in the Maloy division, which aside from KTC was probably the weakest division in the KVKL.  To their credit, they handled Pawsh Wash to secure the #2, but their two run win over Ghosts last week combined with their eternal attendance issues force me to drop them to the bottom of the #2’s. 



1.Red Lyon
Gave Jazzhaus everything they could handle last week, and Lyon still has the athleticism and IQ to make a deep run in the tournament.  Just another example of how deep KVKL has gotten that the #3’s are so stacked.  9/36 teams in the league finished 3-2 in pool play, I’d argue that this is the most talent we’ve ever seen in the league — so let’s abolish the promotion/relegation idea once and for all. 

2. Chalmersiz 
Another team I had penciled into the #2’s dropping down a notch, perhaps their rough go in the #1’s last year and then a stunning loss to Johnny’s proves that Chalmersiz championship window is closed and they’re ready to settle into the chase for the Twain. 

3. ReBoot XXX
ReBoot had the game in hand against Goeser’s to lock up a spot in the #2’s and blew a late lead, so lets see how they rebound this week against Pawsh Wash.  There is some great talent on this team, the OF closes down gaps with the best of them, and I’ll probably regret dropping them this low after the season, but the loss against a depleted Goeser’s team was concerning. 

4. Pawsh Wash
I always seem to underestimate Pawsh Wash, and I’m gonna go ahead and do it again. At the very least they’ve gotta have some bad karma coming their way after dropping fucking 48 runs on Jayhawker Crossfit this weekend

5. The Rats
The Rats are similar to D-Holes, they beat who they are supposed to beat, but never seem to pull off an upset against anyone ranked higher than them.  They’ve been in either the #3’s or #4s every year, so unless something dramatic happens, I feel comfortable predicting them to finish in the bottom half of the #3’s  

6. Corksuckers 
Outside of Jazzhaus, The Corksuckers have been the surprise of the season so far.  Their win over Ladybird is the second most shocking result of season, and then they followed it up with a close game against the D-Holes. Big time props to Cork, they should win at least one game in the loaded #3’s. 


1.Free State Growlers
Gave up too many runs to Chalmersiz and lost out on the three-way tiebreaker in the Williams division, but make no mistake, this is the best Growler team since their surprise entrance into the #1’s in 2016.  The top half of the #4’s are loaded, but anything other than an undefeated performance here would be considered a disappointment.

2. Ladybird Harpies
For the first time ever, Ladybird took a step back this season.  They’d climbed the rungs of the ladder from the bottom of the league all the way up to the #2’s last year, but one upset loss dropped them back the #4’s this year. Not a team anyone wants to face in the playoffs, and Week 9 against Free State should be an absolute war, we’re looking forward to it! 

3. Drop Stoppers 
The only team to beat Jazzhaus this year, I have to admit I don’t know much about this squad.  They’ve only scored double digits once (10 runs against the Eels) so the defense seems to be the strength, but they have a win over a #1 seed so obviously they have to be taken very seriously. 

4. Soda Jerks
I’ve been impressed with what the Soda Jerks have been building for a few years, but that drubbing against ReBoot under the lights a few weeks ago took a bit of the shine off. Outside of that game, they’ve kept everything relatively close against elite competition the past few years so they’re always a threat to pull an upset, I just don’t think the offense (6 runs/game) is there week in and week out to win such a stacked #4’s. 

5. The Woost
Woost is on a two game winning streak so they’re feeling good entering rank play, and it seems wrong to drop Dan, Sean, Dave, Jackie and the gang so low, but the results haven’t been impressive enough to justify jumping them over too many teams.  That being said, kickball veterans have a way of coming up big under the lights, and their GOTW against Drop Stoppers promises to be a great game! 

6. Sacred Sword
Props to Sword for making the jump from the #6’s to the #4’s! They’ve hit a bit of a dry spell lately though, only scoring three runs over their last two games. They face off against Woost this week in probably their best chance to get a win until the tournament — good luck! 


Always risky picking A-Head to show up consistently,, but they have the most talent of any team in the #5’s, and I’ll always go with overall leg talent. Big win at GOTW, I always enjoy watching these folks play, they seem to genuinely always have a good time, and that’s what KVKL is all about.  

2. Bunt N Grind
Their only win was against Empire Kicks Back, but they had respectable results against Ladybird, Corksuckers, and D-Holes, so that’s enough for me.

3. Ghosts
Playing their best kickball of the season, they demolished CrossFit in week 4 and then only lost to Los Mats by two last week. 

4. Misfit Toys
Misfit struggled defensively in Pool Play, giving up 18 runs/game, but the real problem lay with the offense, only scoring over four runs once.  I still think this team has plenty of room to improve, but subpar offense and defense is not a recipe for success.  Look for them to get at least two wins in the #5’s. 

5. Kicking Assets
A rebuilding season for Kicking Assets, their most impressive result of Pool Play was a 6-3 loss to Drop Stoppers.  If they play defense like that they are a threat to win this division, but all their other results indicate that was an outlier.

6. 23rd Street Brewery
They’re on a four game losing streak and have only scored eight runs in those four losses combined.  Hard to win when you’re only averaging two runs/game, they gotta get the boots working. 


1.Reading Rockets 
At the top of KVKL defense is the key to success, but down near the bottom it’s usually a competition of who can out-kick their opponent, and this pick is purely based on Rockets having the best legs in the #6’s. 

2. Patrick Mahomies
MaHomies put on a respectable showing against A-Head at GOTW, and thats enough to get them a #2 spot here.  My current favorite for The Boot. 

3. Liberty Hall Late Fees
I like the new mix of talent on the Fees, they won’t be down in the #6’s forever.  A couple more additions and they should start climbing the ranks of KVKL beginning next season. 

4. JSC’s ElectriKick Eels
Lots of talk about their Week 7 GOTW matchup against Empire, they better bring it under the lights! 

5. Empire Kicks Back
Empire hasn’t won a regular season game since 2017, but that changes this year! Let’s go Jordan and Co.!!! 

6. Jayhawker CrossFit 
First year lumps, they’ll have a lot more fun in Rank Play! 

The 6 Most Important Games Of Week 5

The Most Important Game Remaining in Each Pool 

Red Lyon (3-1) @ Jazzhaus (3-1) 


In hands down the most stunning result in KVKL regular season history, Jazzhaus took down Lawrence Shirt Factory 9-6. I haven’t heard much about the game so I’m really looking forward to Rick’s appearance on the podcast tomorrow to break it all down.  

This upset threw the Calvin division into absolute chaos, and I’m fairly certain that Jazzhaus has the most to gain/lose of any team heading into Week 5 since we switched to the 5&5 format a few years ago.  With a win here Jazz locks up the #1 spot, and a loss could drop them down to the #4’s based on their head-to-head results against Shirt Factory ( W) and Drop Stoppers (L). Crazy happenings in the Calvin, let’s see if Jazzhaus can pull off the most surprising entrance into the #1’s since Free State snuck in circa 2016. 

Projected Final Standings:

  1. Lawrence Shirt Factory 
  2. Red Lyon Tavern 
  3. Drop Stoppers 
  4. Jazzhaus 
  5. Kicking Assets
  6. JSC ElectriKick Eels

Hurtz Donut D-Holes (3-1) @ Ladybird Harpies (2-2)

This game was supposed to decide the #2, and technically it still does, but that Corksuckers>Ladybird upset in Week 3 really throws a wrench into this division.  Muddy will beat BnG to lock up the #1, and the upstart Corksuckers should easily handle Empire to finish at 3-2. If D-Holes win this matchup it’s all pretty straightforward, but if the Harpies win then there is a three-way tie at 3-2 and then we delve deep into the tiebreakers.

I believe runs allowed is the first tiebreaker, so here is where they stand right now heading into Week 5:

D-Holes — 27
Harpies — 45
Corksuckers — 47    

Keep in mind that Corksuckers have a good defense and play the lowest scoring team in the league (Empire has scored five runs all year) so a shutout is not out of the realm of possibility  

Projected Final Standings:

  1. Muddy Waters 
  2. Hurtz Donut D-Holes 
  3. Corksuckers 
  4. Ladybird Harpies 
  5. Bunt N Grind 
  6. Empire Kicks Back 


Black Stag (4-0) @ Red Legs (4-0) 

Pretty simple, the winner of this game gets the #1 seed.  Black Stag has been playing great defense, only giving up five runs over their past three games, while Red Legs failed to impress in their first true test of the season, beating Rats 6-3. Simon should be back in town for this game and that gives Black Stag the edge.  If you’re not playing at 7:00 get out to Holcom and watch this game, it’s the only matchup of undefeated teams this weekend. 

Projected Final Standings:

  1. Black Stag
  2. Red Legs 
  3. The Rats
  4. Woost 
  5. 23rd Street Brewery 
  6. Liberty Hall Late Fees 


ReBoot XXX (3-1) @ Goesers Good Neighbors (3-1) 

After their impressive GOTW performance ReBoot XXX has the league’s attention, and a win here would put everyone on notice that they are one of the true up and coming teams in KVKL.  Goeser’s has a good collection of talent, and hopefully they have their entire squad on hand for this marquee matchup on Sunday, including their newest recruit who is hands down the best kicker in the league… trust me. The #2 seed is on the line, get out to South Park and enjoy some old school kickball on grass.  

Projected Final Standings:

  1. Love Garden Squids 
  2. Goesers Good Neighbors 
  3. ReBoot XXX
  4. Soda Jerks 
  5. AsteroidHEAD 
  6. Patrick MaHomies


Chalmersiz (3-1) @ Johnny’s Tavern (2-2)


JDE locked up the #1 seed with their tight win over Free State this weekend, and if Chalmersiz handles their business against Johnny’s on Sunday then this division is pretty simple.  A Johnny’s upset throws the 2-3-4 slots into tiebreaker territory as three teams would be 3-2.   

Runs allowed heading into Week 5:
Johnny’s Tavern — 19
Chalmersiz — 21
Free State — 26

So in a roundabout way Johnny’s actually controls their own destiny, with a low scoring win over Chalmersiz they slot into the #2 seed and knock Chalmersiz to the #3’s and Free State down to #4. 

Projected Final Standings:

  1. John Denver Experience 
  2. Chalmersiz 
  3. Free State 
  4. Johnny’s Tavern 
  5. Misfit Toys 
  6. Reading Rockets 


River City Matadores (3-1) @ Ghosts (1-3)

Barring any major upsets, this division is pretty much set.  KTC isn’t losing to Sword (or anybody for that matter) and Pawsh will easily handle CrossFit, so Ghosts beating the Mats is the only plausible result that can cause a little shuffle to the expected finish, but it’s not gonna happen. 

Projected Final Standings:

  1. KTC 
  2. RC Matadores 
  3. Pawsh Wash 
  4. Sacred Sword 
  5. Ghosts 
  6. Jayhawker CrossFit 

KVKL Week 3 Preview

• Drop Stoppers > Kicking Assets
A rematch form last years stunning playoff upset, Drop Stoppers officially own Kicking Assets if they beat them again this week.

• Mass St. Soda Jerks > AsteroidHEAD
A-Head did their normal tease, putting up a great result in week one against the Squids before falling flat against ReBoot last week.  Soda Jerks are quietly building a nice squad, expect them to handle business. 

 • KTC > Ghosts —SHUTOUT 
Not quite 41-0, but KTC will be gunning for the back to back shutout.

 • Red Legs> 23rd St. Brewery
Red Legs have outscored the opposition 38-7 thus far this season, expect another lopsided score in this one. 

• Muddy Waters > Empire Strikes Back — SHUTOUT
Muddy is firing on all cylinders already, and Empire is looking forward to rank play. 

• Rats> Woost
Woost can’t fall to 0-3 can they? Rats get the win and W0-3st keeps looking for answers. 

• Jazzhaus> JSC’s ElectriKick Eels
JSC hasn’t scored a run yet this year, I bet they get on the board against Jazz. 

• RC Matadores > Pawsh Wash
One of the better games of the week, Pawsh is feeling good after their GOTW victory but I gotta go with Santos and the crew in this one. 

• Sacred Sword > Jayhawker CrossFit
S-Word runs their record to a surprising 2-1, but for the love of god take your foot off the gas.  We don’t need another 41-0 result. 

Black Stag > Liberty Hall Late Fees
Black Stag hasn’t hit their stride yet and could be a tad vulnerable as they integrate new players, but it won’t matter this week.  

• John Denver Experience > Reading Rockets
JDE is marching to the #1 seed, Rockets are headed to the #6. 

• Lawrence Shirt Factory > Red Lyon
One of the better games of the week, is this the day Lyon finally beats the Shirt’s? I think not. 

• Ladybird Harpies > Corksuckers
Ladybird gets one final tune-up before facing Muddy and D-Holes in weeks 4 and 5. 

• Chalmersiz > Misfit Toys
Chalmeriz plays good defense and will handle the upstart Toys with ease. 

• D-Holes > Bunt N Grind
D-Holes got smashed by Muddy last week, reminiscent of their loss to KTC last year at GOTW.  They are a good team that always handles their business against teams below them, but cant quite break into the upper tier.

• Goesers Good Neighbors > Nick Lerner’s Patrick MaHomies
Bryson will get the squad back on the winning track against Rashad and the Homies. 

 • Love Garden Squids > ReBoot XXX
A very solid 7pm game at Hobbs, ReBoot has been building a good team for a few years and this is a great chance to test their mettle against the presumptive #1 seed Squids. 

• Free State Growlers > Johnny’s Tavern
“The Blue Collar Showdown”
On paper this should be the best GOTW thus far this season.  Free State bested Johnny’s 18-15 in their last matchup, but there is quite a bit more on the line this week.  

The custom made Blue Collar trophy will be on hand, winner gets to keep it until the next time these two rivals play.  There will be a keg of Johnny’s Taverns own Blue Collar Lager, which is brewed by Free State, on site, as well as jello shots and other giveaway items ready for the 7th inning stretch — so get to Hobbs Park and enjoy what should be a hell of a kickball game! 

KVKL 2019 Division Preview

KVKL 2019 Division Preview

Predicted order of finish and record:

Kansas Tree Care (5-0)
River City Matadores (3-2)
Pawsh Wash (3-2)
Ghosts (2-3)
Sacred Sword (1-4)
Jayhawker CrossFit (1-4)

KTC is the clear favorite here, and honestly it would be surprising if they didn’t win every game by 10+. Los Mats, Pawsh, and potentially even Ghosts have a chance to sneak into the 2’s as there is no clear favorite for that spot. Sword finished last season very strong and could give a few teams trouble, and JCF is brand new — but everything I’ve heard leads me to believe they won’t go winless.

Muddy Waters (5-0)
Ladybird Harpies (4-1)
Hurtz Donut D-Holes (3-2)
Corksuckers (2-3)
Bunt N Grind (1-4)
Empire Kicks Back (0-5)

Muddy Waters has clearly separated themselves as a true championship contender after their second half surge and run to the title game last year, so anything but a 5-0 record and a place in the #1 seeds will be a disappointment. Ladybird and Hurtz have played a few classic games over the past two seasons, and both should be 3-1 heading into their week 5 tilt to decide who goes to the #2’s — can’t wait to watch that one at Hobbs Park! Corksuckers and Bunt N Grind are always solid middle of the pack teams that can occasionally produce a surprising result. Empire Kicks Back is building from the ground up.

Black Stag (5-0)
The Red Legs (4-1)
The Woost (3-2)
The Rats (2-3)
23rd St. Brewery (1-4)
Liberty Hall Late Fees (0-5)

Black Stag lost a little bit of talent over the offseason but they always seem to bring in a key free agent or two, so their slot at the top is secure. The Red Legs have finished in the #2’s every year since 2016, no reason to expect a change now. 3 and 4 is a toss-up, but Woost beat the Rats last year head-to-head so I have to give them the nod here. The Rats have been on the come-up for years but have never quite been able to break through with a big win to vault them into the upper echelon, is this the year? 23rd St. Brewery and Liberty Hall face off in week one in what is likely each teams best chance for a win during division play — I’m going with Beer>Movies.

Lawrence Shirt Factory (5-0)
Red Lyon Tavern (3-2)
Kicking Assets (3-2)
Jazzhaus (3-2)
Drop Stoppers (1-4)
JSC ElectriKick Eels (0-5)

Lawrence Shirt Factory might actually be a tad vulnerable this year, depending on what kind of talent they were able to bring on board this offseason to mitigate a few losses, but they still own division play in general and Red Lyon specifically, so no chance they drop out of the #1’s. Red Lyon, Kicking Assets, and Jazzhaus should be a great three way race for the #2 seed, though I’ll give the nod to Lyon based on pedigree alone. Jazz is bringing back all their youngsters from last year and are definitely a team to watch, while Kicking Assets is the two-time defending Diana plate winners — c’mon, please don’t make it three in a row. Drop Stoppers lost quite a bit of talent over the offseason, but still should have enough juice to hold off JSC for the #5.

Chalmersiz (4-1)
John Denver Experience (4-1)
Johnny’s Tavern (3-2)
Free State Growlers (3-2)
Misfit Toys (1-4)
Reading Rockets (0-5)

The most unpredictable division of 2019. Chalmersiz and John Denver are the co-favorites and will face-off in week one, winner obviously has a huge leg up for the #1 seed. Johnny’s and Free State are nipping at their heels, and either of them could slide into the #2 spot if everything breaks right. Those two have a massive Game of the Week on June 9th, and whoever drops that one and moves into the #4’s will be the prohibitive favorite. Misfit Toys is a feisty bunch and are liable to pick off a team or two seeded higher than them, and we can only hope their rematch against Rockets provides the drama of last seasons week 5 GOTW. This division will be chaos.

Goeser’s Good Neighbors (5-0)
Love Garden Squids (4-1)
Reboot XXX (3-2)
Soda Jerks (2-3)
AsteroidHEAD (1-4)
Patrick MaHomies (0-5) 

Goeser’s over Love Garden for the top spot based on last seasons wild 21-20 result. It’s time for the Good Neighbors to have the season Bryson has been telling us they’re capable of. Reboot and SodaJerks week 4 GOTW should decide the 3/4, and I’m going with the veteran laden Boot’s. AsteroidHEAD will be AsteroidHEAD until the end of time, wildly fun, wildly inconsistent, and always in the 5’s. The MaHomies should be better, their time to shine will come in rank play.

Way too early predictions:
The Cup – Kansas Tree Care
The Twain – Hurtz D-Holes
The Plate – Jazzhaus
The Boot – Reading Rockets

Must See Matchups: Playoff Weekend #1

The Must See Playoff Matchups from Day One

Round 2 are projected games

First Round:

(16) Los Matadores vs (17) Johnny’s Tavern
YSC #2

Johnny’s finds themselves in the 16-17 game for the second consecutive season, winning over Jazzhaus last year, before bowing out to the #1 overall seed Wildman in the second round. Johnny’s is hot, winners of six in a row, on the back of the second most prolific offense in the league, averaging nearly 18 runs per game. Los Mats have had a solid season, most impressively they’ve hung with both JDE and Muddy Waters, losing to each opponent by three. Los Mats have only scored 20 runs in one game this season, so they’re gonna have to have a strong defensive effort to get this win. The loser is the favorite for the Princess Diana Plate.
Johnny’s – 13
Los Matadores – 8

(13) Red Legs vs. (20) Jazzhaus
YSC #6

Very different levels of confidence and momentum here, Red Legs hasn’t won since Week 5, while Jazz has won four of their last five. Red Legs has had a major problem scoring runs, averaging a paltry four runs per game in rank play. However, the Jazzhaus defense is a little more forgiving than what RL has seen in previous weeks, so expect them to break out here, they will certainly need to because Jazz is young, fast, and brash. Jazzhaus has a few hot heads on their team, so Rick needs to keep them focused and on the ball should they fall behind early, or else it could snowball on them. YSC #6 is one of the smaller fields in the league, so there is some out-of-the-stadium homerun potential on both sides.

Red Legs – 11
Jazzhaus – 10

(10) Red Lyon vs. (23) Free State
YSC #4
These longtime frenemies meet again, with extra layers of intrigue added this year. Lyon has gotten healthy offensively the past couple weeks, scoring 38 runs combined, after hitting a bit of a midseason slump. As everyone knows, Red Lyon is a tournament team, but their path to the championship is a fucking war zone, assuming all the favorites win they have to play: Free State —> D-Holes —> Shirt Factory —> KTC —> Jackpot! If they pull that off, shut the damn league down, nothing would ever be that impressive again.

Free State is the hottest team in KVKL, winners of seven straight (they haven’t lost in nearly two months), though back-to-back one run wins over Lucky Berry and AsteroidHead have been less than impressive. A win for Free State here means their season is a success, as this would be one of the biggest upsets in KVKL history by seed, and a loss sends them to the left side of the bracket where they would have to feel good about potential matchups leading to the Diana Plate. Red Lyon knocked Free State out of the playoffs in ’16, the Growlers are looking for some payback.

Free State – 12
Red Lyon -11
Extra Innings

(14) Rats vs. (19) Woost
YSC #8
A rematch of their Week 8 matchup, when Woost upset Rats 11-4. Rats had all the momentum in the world leading into their previous game, and perhaps got caught looking ahead to their upcoming game against Muddy Waters. I assume they learned their lesson, never overlook a team with Dan, Dave, and Jackie, or you’ll get beat. Woost hasn’t won since that Week 8 game, and have been giving up too many runs on defense lately, but they’re a veteran team so they should tighten up in time. The winner has the honor of playing KTC in the next round, while the loser will be one of the favorites for the plate.

Rats – 14
Woost – 8

Second Round:
(5) Love Garden vs. (12) Muddy Waters
YSC #6
The premier matchup of the first day, these two teams are loaded with talented players. Love Garden was the highest scoring team in the league, putting up an astounding 192 runs this year, while Muddy Waters finished third at 173 runs scored. Muddy’s defense was markedly better, only allowing 48 runs all year, LG let 99 runners cross the plate. Granted, LG was playing in the #1’s while Muddy cruised in the #3’s. Each team is coming off an uninspiring performance, Love Garden was held to two runs by KTC, and Muddy Waters only won by three over Los Mats, their closest result in quite some time. If you’re not playing or reffing at 9:30, head over to YSC #6 for a big time kickball game. The loser here is the odds on favorite for The Twain.

Love Garden – 11
Muddy Waters – 10

(2) Lawrence Shirt Factory vs. (15) Kicking Assets
YSC #3
These two teams met in week one and Shirt Factory demolished Assets 34-3. Nobody really ever wants to play LSF, but facing them in week one as a relatively inexperienced team is a recipe for disaster. I’ve seen Kicking Assets play a few times this year and they have some very good kickballers, including Ben Wright. While I don’t think KA are going to pull off the huge upset, Happy Shirt shouldn’t be sleeping on them.

Lawrence Shirt Factory – 16
Kicking Assets – 8

(7) D-Holes vs. (10) Red Lyon
(Yes I realize that I picked Free State over Lyon in round one, but consensus is that RL will advance to this game, so I’ll write about what is most likely)

Red Lyon knocked D-Holes out of the tournament last year en route to the Twain, but D-Holes got the better of them in their week 8 matchup, pulling out a 9-2 victory. That was during Lyon’s offensive swoon, which they seem to have corrected. D-Holes had an argument to jump into the top six seeds and avoid such a tough second round opponent, but it’s now a moot point and they have to go out and at least make a run to the quarterfinals to validate all of the regular season success. I’m betting they do so, and Lyon continues their assault on the Twain bracket.

D-Holes – 12
Red Lyon – 6

(6) Goeser’s vs. (11) Ladybird)
In terms of pure athleticism, this might be the best matchup of the weekend. GGN showed some serious moxie in their week 10 GOTW loss to Lawrence Shirt Factory, while Ladybird has quietly righted the ship and enter the playoffs on a two game winning streak. Whichever captain can keep their young team calm and focused during the second game of the day will move on. I think GGN gets it done, but Ladybird is a confident bunch right now.

Goeser’s Good Neighbors – 13
Ladybird Harpies – 11

Week 10 aka I’m Saving the Good Shit for the Playoffs

A few teams I wanted to highlight for their exploits on the field this season (all numbers through week nine)

Highest Scoring Offenses:
1. Love Garden Squids – 190 (highest total in the league since we started putting stats online in 2012)
2. Muddy Waters – 164
3. Johnny’s Tavern – 160
4. Kansas Tree Care – 155
5. Lawrence Shirt Factory – 147

Stingiest Defenses:
1. Lawrence Shirt Factory – 34 (if they pitch a shutout in week 10, they are statistically the best defense in KVKL history. KTC gave up 35 in 2016)
T2. Muddy Waters – 42
T2. KTC – 42
T2. John Denver Experience – 42
5. Jackpot! – 52

Longest Winning Streak:
1. Kansas Tree Care – 8
T2. Free State Growlers – 6 (ACTIVE)
T2. Jackpot! – 6
T2. Chalmersiz – 6
5. Six teams tied at 5 wins in a row

Biggest Improvement (Rank Play)
1. Kicking Assets from the 6’s to the 3’s
2. Repetition from the 6’s to the 4’s
3. Drop Stoppers from the 5’s to the 3’s

Biggest Improvement – Win Total (’18 win total / ’17 win total)
1. Sacred Sword +3 (4 / 1)
T2. Hurtz +2 (8 / 6)
T2. JDE +2 (8/ 6)
T2. Corksuckers +2 (5 / 3)
T2. Grandstand +2 (2 / 0)

Pick ‘em challenge picks (I plagiarized myself wherever possible from last weeks column)

Hurtz Donut D-Holes (8-1/4-0) vs. John Denver Experience (8-1/4-0)
YSC #1, 7:00 PM
The winner of this could jump one, or even two teams in the #1 seeds depending on how everything plays out. D-Holes seem to be peaking at the right time, shaking off that bludgeoning at the hands of KTC at GOTW, while JDE is putting up better offensive numbers in Rank Play than they did in pool play, though they only scored six runs in 15 innings against Red Legs, so the boots can still be hit or miss. I still think Hurtz has a bit more talent than the Goats, but this should be a tight affair.
D-Holes – 9
John Denver Experience – 7

Brewballers (2-7/2-2) vs. Grandstand (2-7/2-2)
YSC #3, 5:00pm
The winner of this games finishes third overall in the #6 Pool, which is old hat for Brewballers but would truly be monumental for Grandstand. Grandstand had never before won multiple games in a season since 2012, and are now already sitting on two W’s with a chance to grab a third and head into the tournament on a winning streak. Brewballers are better on paper, but confidence is a hell of a thing and the Glasskickers are full of it right now.
Grandstand – 12
Brewballers – 9

Johnny’s Tavern(6-3/4-0) vs. Jazzhaus (6-3/4-0)
YSC #4, 5:00 PM
We are in for a doozy of a matchup to decide the winner of the #4’s. Johnny’s won the #4’s last year and are 14-0 in Rank Play since their inception in ’16, while Jazzhaus took a slight step back this year, dropping from the #3’s to the #4’s. This is also a rematch of last season 16-17 matchup in the playoffs, won by Johnny’s. There are going to athletes galore on the field for this one, and the winner has a chance to hurdle a couple of teams in the #3’s. I’m going to go with the veteran team here.
Johnny’s – 16
Jazzhaus – 12

The Most Important Games Remaining In Each Pool

The Most Important Games Remaining In Each Pool

As we close in on the playoffs, these are the games that will have the largest impact on seeding:


Jackpot! (7-1/2-1)vs. Kansas Tree Care (8-0/3-0)
Week 9
Hobbs Park, 7:00 PM

A rematch of last years epic championship game that was won by Jackpot (née Wildman) in extra innings, this is the stiffest challenge KTC has remaining on their quest for a perfect regular season and the #1 overall seed in the tournament.  A win for Jackpot here and they have a decent shot at the #1 seed, depending on what happens with Lawrence Shirt Factory from here on out. If you’re not playing at 7:00 on Sunday, get out to Hobbs early, this has potential to be the best game of the season.
KTC – 9
Jackpot! – 6

Goesers Good Neighbors (5-3/0-3)  vs. Lawrence Shirt Factory (7-1/2-1) 
Week 10
Hobbs Park, 9:00 PM

The intrigue here is two-fold, depending on what happens in the KTC-Jackpot game mentioned above, Happy Shirt has a chance to get the #1 overall seed in the tournament with an impressive performance under the lights.  GGN plays Love Garden week 9 at Holcom right, a brutal field assignment against one of the most high powered offenses in the league, so week 10 against Lawrence Shirt Factory might be their last chance to get a win and prevent them from falling like a rock in the tournament seeding.  The last #1 seed that went 0-5 in rank play was Free State in ’16. They dropped to the #8 seed, and had two one run losses on their resume.  GGN hasn’t been particularly close in any of their losses thus far, if that trend continues, could they fall out of the top 10? 
Lawrence Shirt Factory – 14
Goesers Good Neighbors – 4

Jackpot! (7-1/2-1)  vs. Chalmersiz  (6-2/1-2) 
Week 10
YSC #1, 5:00 PM

Chalmersiz beat Goeser’s in Week 6, but are staring down the barrel of finishing on a four game losing streak, potentially with some large margins of defeat.  They just lost by 11 to KTC, take on Lawrence Shirt Factory in Week 9 (who they have historically had zero success against), and then finish up with Jackpot.  Rank play has been unkind to Chalmersiz strength of schedule too, as their best wins so far (GGN and Red Legs) are a combined 0-6.  I think getting a win in the one seeds almost assures them of a top five seed in the playoffs, but Hurtz and JDE are looking mighty impressive in the #2’s and are eyeing a jump if Chalmersiz gets blown out a couple more times. 
Jackpot! – 10
Chalmersiz – 4 

*Love Garden, you’re the only team I didn’t write about because I feel like you’re pretty much locked into the #4 overall seed unless something drastic happens. However, your once commanding lead in overall runs scored is starting to dwindle, do you have enough to hold on?


*Disclaimer: I picked the #2 seeds so horrifically wrong in my Rank Play Preview, all of this should be taken with a gigantic grain of salt*

Hurtz Donut D-Holes  (7-1/3-0)  vs. John Denver Experience  (7-1/3-0) 
Week 10
YSC #1, 7:00 PM

These two are on a collision course so long as they both take care of business in Week 9.  As mentioned above, the winner of this could jump one, or even two teams in the #1 seeds depending on how everything plays out.  D-Holes seem to be peaking at the right time, shaking off that bludgeoning at the hands of KTC at GOTW, while JDE is putting up better offensive numbers in Rank Play than they did in pool play, so I’m looking forward to seeing this revamped lineup on Sunday at Hobbs under the lights.  I still think Hurtz has a bit more talent than the Goats, but this should be a tight affair. 
D-Holes – 9
John Denver Experience – 7  

Red Legs  (4-4 / 0-3)  vs. Ladybird Harpies (4-4 / 0-3) 
Week 10
Lyons East, 5:00 PM

Not at all where I thought these two teams would be, the loser of this game is almost assuredly getting jumped by Muddy Waters and maybe the Woost if they finish strong and the board looks past their forfeit loss that was actually a win. Flying Hellfish finished 0-5 in the #2’s last year and dropped all the way to the #14 seed, so it’s not out of the question for that to happen again this year.  Either way, these two teams have plenty of young talent and I think whoever wins will have some good vibes heading into the tournament and be ready to make a serious run at the Twain. 
Ladybird – 12
Red Legs – 11  

Red Lyon (5-3 / 1-2)  vs. Pawsh Wash (5-3 / 2-1) 
Week 10
Hobbs Park, 7:00 PM

First and foremost, hats off to Pawsh Wash, most prognosticators picked them to finish 0-5 in the #2’s, and here they are staring at a top 10 seed in the tournament and squarely in the discussion for the Twain. They had a three game losing streak in the middle of the season (Love Garden, Free State, and JDE) and it looked like their season was headed down the drain, but they’ve responded in a big way, posting back to back wins over Ladybird and Red Legs. A win over Lyon ensures them a top half of the #2’s finish and the most successful season in Filthy Animals history.  Red Lyon has had an up-and-down year, with their offense seeming to desert them lately, only averaging six runs/game since week two. They play solid defense, but they need to get the boots working if they want to make a patented Red Lyon type run in the postseason.  
Red Lyon – 8 
Pawsh Wash – 7


Rats (5-3/2-1)  vs. Muddy Waters  (6-2/3-0) 
Week 9
YSC #4, 5:00 PM

This game lost a bit of it’s shine when the Rats were upset by Woost last week, but it still seems like this could be the stiffest challenge that Muddy will face in Rank Play. Muddy hasn’t had a game finish within single digits thus far in the #3’s, while outscoring their opponents 68-17 through three weeks. The Rats still have the inside track to finish second overall in the #3’s, but they got handled by Woost last week and now will likely finish 3-2, not a good enough record to jump anyone from the #2’s. A major question for the board is how high can Muddy climb? Chalmersiz finished 9-1/5-0 in the #3’s in 2016 and were awarded an #11 seed, can Muddy do better than that?
Muddy Waters – 18 
Rats – 8 

River City Matadores (4-4/1-2)  vs. The Woost (4-4/1-2) 
Week 9
Holcom Right, 7:00 PM

In an alternate universe without forfeits these teams are both 2-1 in Rank Play and looking to finish 4-1 and potentially jump the last place team in the #2’s.  As it stands now, they are fighting to stay out of the basement this week. Los Mats have some incredibly talented players, and they’re not a team a #1 seed should take lightly come playoff time, but Woost is putting together one of their better seasons in recent memory and are coming off their best win of the year last week.  Look for Woost to keep it going. 
The Woost – 11 
Los Mats – 7

Drop Stoppers (3-5 / 1-2)  vs. Kicking Assets (4-4 / 1-2) 
Week 9
Holcom Right, 7:00 PM

On the other end of the forfeit spectrum, these two teams benefited from lineup issues from their opponents, but have yet to actually record a win on the field in Rank Play.  If either of these teams goes 1-4 in the #3’s, with their only win by forfeit it will be very interesting to see how the board seeds them.  A 5-0 team from the #4’s would likely jump them, but would a 4-1 record be enough too?  It seems like they probably should, but there’s an argument to be had. As for this game, I think Kicking Assets has the talent to get this win pretty handily and keep themselves firmly in the 15-16 seed range come tourney time.  
Kicking Assets – 14 
Drop Stoppers – 7 


Johnny’s Tavern(5-3/3-0)  vs. Jazzhaus (5-3/3-0) 
Week 10
YSC #4, 5:00 PM

As long as neither of these teams stumble in Week 9, we are in for a doozy of a matchup to decide the winner of the #4’s.  Johnny’s won the #4’s last year and are 13-0 in Rank Play since their inception in ’16, while Jazzhaus took a slight step back this year, dropping from the #3’s to the #4’s.  This is also a rematch of last season 16-17 matchup in the playoffs, won by Johnny’s. There are going to athletes galore on the field for this one, and the winner has a chance to hurdle a couple of teams in the #3’s.  I’m going to go with the veteran team here. 
Johnny’s – 16
Jazzhaus – 12 

Bunt N Grind (3-5 / 1-2)  vs. Reboot X (4-4 / 2-1) 
Week 10
Holcom Left, 7:00 PM

Assuming Bunt N Grind can get by the Ghosts in Week 9, the winner of this game will likely finish third in the #4’s. Bunt N Grind will need to pick up their defense, as they have allowed double digit runs in six out of their eight games thus far.  Reboot has had a few offensive explosions this year, scoring over 20 twice already, and if BNG doesn’t tighten things up, this one could get out of hand. 
Reboot X – 14 
Bunt N Grind – 9

Ghosts (2-6 / 0-3)  vs. Repetition (2-6 / 0-3) 
Week 10
Lyons West, 5:00 PM

The battle to stay out of the basement of the #4’s is going to be fierce.  The Ghosts got their premier win of the season in Week 4 when they surprisingly took down AsteroidHead, while Repetition beat Rockets in a fantastic GOTW in Week 5.  It’s been tough sledding ever since for both teams, combing for an 0-6 record thus far in Rank Play with a combined run differential of 114 – 48.  My pick is the team that has played a bit better of late, The Ghosts, but both of them are in real danger of getting jumped by the winner of the #5’s. 
Ghosts – 13
Repetition – 9 


Lucky Berry (3-5/2-1)  vs. Free State Growlers  (5-3/3-0) 
Week 9
YSC #3, 5:00 PM

Lucky Berry has been playing quite a bit better as this season has gone along, winning two in a row and holding the high powered AsteroidHead to nine runs in their previous game.  Free State has the second longest winning streak in the league behind KTC, winners of five straight and outscoring their opponents 71-16 in that stretch, including a win over Pawsh Wash that continues to look better and better. If Free State wins here they lock up the #5’s, but their sights are set much higher, looking to finish 5-0 and jump as many as three #4’s.  I’m not sure that a team has ever been placed above three teams from a pool above them, but because of common opponents there is an argument to be made. 
Free State Growlers – 13
Lucky Berry – 7  

Corksuckers (4-4/2-1)  vs. AsteroidHead (2-6/1-2) 
Week 9
Holcom Left, 5:00 PM

Corksuckers have had a very solid season, only allowing double digit runs in two games all season, while AsteroidHead has only held two opponents (Grandstand and Screamers) under 10 runs, so this will truly be a game of conflicting styles.  Normally I choose the defensive team, but Holcom Left plays to AsteroidHead’s strengths, and last time Cork played on a small Holcom field they gave up 17 runs in their worst showing of the season, so I’m calling the upset on this one. 
AsteroidHead – 15 
Corksuckers – 11 

Nick Lerner’s “Homies” (2-6/1-2)  vs. Screamers (1-7/0-3) 
Week 9
YSC #1, 5:00 PM

Without the benefit of a forfeit, this would be a matchup of two winless teams in Rank Play with a combined season long record of 2-14.  That being said, there are some very solid kickball players on each team.  They’re both averaging about 5.5 runs/game over their last three games, so don’t expect this to be a shootout, but rather a tight, low scoring affair.  As Cougar would say, “Homies by one.” These two teams must have their eye on winning The Boot.
Homies: 8
Screamers: 7 


Brewballers (2-6/2-1)  vs. Sacred Sword (3-5/3-0) 
Week 9
YSC #1, 7:00 PM

Brewballers are the only team other than Sword with a chance to win the #6’s, and they’ll need to bring their A-game (and a full lineup) to do so.  They should be 3-0 too, but “lost” on a forfeit, so this really is the heavyweight fight in the #6’s.  Brewballers have outscored their opponents 30-23, while Sword has gone 42-12, so they look like the favorite in this one.  Again, these two teams could easily end up playing for the Cougar Cup in a few weeks. 
S-Word: 14
Brewballers: 10 

Rockets (2-6/2-1)  vs. Leafy Greens (0-8/0-3) 
Week 9
Lyons West, 5:00 PM

This looks like Leafy Greens last best hope to get a win in the regular season, but unfortunately for them the Rockets look like they figured out their offense last week, Hate Fuck Kickballing™ their way to 32 runs against Grandstand last week.  The Greens have some decent players, and only lost to Brewballers by four last week, so there is hope, it’s just gotta happen this week. 
Rockets – 15
Leafy Greens – 9

Grandstand (1-7/1-2)  vs. Liberty Hall(1-7/1-2) 
Week 9
Lyons East, 5:00 PM

Both of these teams have a win already, so they’re playing with house money. Liberty didn’t put on their best performance at GOTW, but they were missing a few key players so I don’t put too much stock in that loss.  Grandstand has never won two games in the regular season (dating back to 2012) so a win here would be monumental. 
Grandstand – 9 
Liberty Hall – 7 

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